Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Off on an adventure

Its been 3 weeks since I decided to pull my 12 year old son out of public school and home school him.  The decision to leave his friends, and mine (we have been in a co-op school for seven years) was tough.  The decision to leave a school and a curriculum that was not working for him was easy though.  I am a single mom with two kids.  My daughter is 18 and in college, my son is 12 and has ADHD.   At first I didn't tell many people what I was doing, as really I was new and needed time to find some curriculum that was suitable for how my son learns.  I also did a ton of surfing the net the first few days, made a TON of calls, and leaned on a home-schooling friend quite a bit (thanks) since she and I had the discussion many times and was completely supportive of my decisions.  

Well I did find curriculum, we are loving the Math U See, and we are supplementing for him being a little behind by doing timed tests in multiplication, he is already getting faster!  He is learning about things he is interested in and he is totally into reading, which is new for him.  He is excited to take a how to make a telescope class at our local home school support place (not sure what to call it yet) he will be taking robotics this semester and adding in band in a little while as the band program is a little behind where he is right now.

He is having a great time going to Starbucks with his laptop and homework and doing his school work there.  We are struggling into getting into a routine but are working on it.  Right now, I think the goal for my son is to stay in the same clothes for as long as possible.  Today was the day they had to be changes.  He must have figured out he was a little smelly as he decided on his own it was time to shower and change.  I will wait and see again how long it takes for a shower and change of clothes next time.

Tomorrow will be a long day, better get off of here and get some sweats out for the kid, starting lacrosse tomorrow, maybe this will encourage him to shower and change.